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Free Flights!!

One of my motto's is -- IF ITS FREE -- ITS FOR ME!!! But when things are free there's always a catch!

JetBlue recently announced that they are giving three people and their companions the chance to travel the world as often as they’d like to any and all of JetBlue’s destinations. All you need to do to enter is completely wipe your Instagram feed clean so you can fly with a blank slate. I told you there's always a catch!

JetBlue is calling's it -- The All You Can Jet Pass. They say that with a blank social slate, participants are able to make room for all the destinations and activities they could capture and share using the pass!

There’s no posting requirement for the three lucky #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes winners, but with more than 100 destinations to choose from, JetBlue hopes that they will fill up their blank slate & other travel aficionados can live vicariously through their year of adventure!

The entry period ends on March 8 at 9 a.m. ET.

For more information click on the picture above! Happy Travels!!

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