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Dublin & Edinburgh

We wanted to see both Ireland and Scotland and we couldn't decide which country to go to - so we saw both in one week! Although most travel experts would advise against doing this - I'm glad we did it! We got a real taste of what both Dublin and Edinburgh are all about AND it didn't cost us an arm and a leg either!

We flew into Edinburgh first and spent 3 nights at Motel One which was centrally located and we got a really good taste for the city. We also spent one day in the country/highlands and that was a treat!

Then we flew to Dublin and spent 4 nights at the Cardiff Lane which was a really nice hotel but I would have preferred a hotel closer to the action for tourists! It was about $1000 total for both hotels.

Airfare was $500 each & another $100 total for our Ryan air flight from Edinburgh to Dublin. So the total vacation cost was around $2500 for two people -- not including meals, souvenirs, etc and I think we maximized our time there! It was a great vacation and two cities I' d like to return to and explore even further! Make sure to watch for my travel minutes about both cities...coming soon!

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