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The Baltics

I had the chance to travel to Sweden, Finland, Russia & Estonia!! It was an awesome trip and I'm dying to go back to those countries again to explore even more! I booked a week long cruise on Costa Cruises -- which I have to say I was little disappointed in this time around since the cruise line seemed to be nickel and diming everything...nevertheless, we had a great time. The taste of those countries that the cruise gave us definitely made us want to return in the near future.

We spent about $1500 for both of us on this Baltic cruise - $1000 on flights on Norwegian Air and another grand for tours, meals and one night in hotel!! It totaled about $3500 for both of us for a week which is a little bit more than what I like to spend - but it was a great a deal nonetheless and a trip I highly recommend! Travel Minute videos with tips regarding Stockholm and St. Petersburg coming soon!!

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