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South Pacific Island Hopping!

If you could visit one place in the South Pacific, would it be Tahiti, New Zealand or Australia? Hard to choose right? Well now you don't have to chose and can cross all 3 off your bucket list with the Three Country Explorer Pass. You can travel to all 3 countries for the price of traveling to one!

You start your travel from Los Angeles and continue in one direction - either to Tahiti, New Zealand, then Sydney.** Or circle the other direction to Sydney, New Zealand then Tahiti.

Fares start from $1345 per person for travel starting now through March 31, 2019.

*Prices are in economy per person in US Dollars. Fares include all taxes, fees & fuel surcharges. Subject to change at time of booking.

**Travel LAXSYD via nonstop American Airlines

For more information, click on the picture above! Happy travels & cha-chiiing!!!

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