So I was fortunate enough to go back to Cuba this year! This time I not only visited Havana but I also stopped in Viñales and Varadero. One thing people should realize is that it is still very possible to travel to Cuba independently - contrary to what some travel sites will tell you. You just have to make sure that you sign up for the SUPPORT FOR THE CUBAN PEOPLE license and that you truly are not having just a beach vacation since Cuba is so much more than that.

Its still very inexpensive to get there. This time around we flew United from Newark for $325 r/t and stayed in a casa particular in Havana and in an all inclusive in Varadero. What we spent for both my husband and I this time around was about $1300 for air, hotel and travel licenses for 9 days. We also paid extra $$ for transportation to different cities, food, entertainment and souvenirs! Its a must destination for everyone my humble opinion!!:)

PS -- I'm actually working on a TRAVEL MINUTE about which side excursion to take from Havana -- Viñales or Varadero! So stay tuned!!

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