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Travel for free with WOW AIR!!

The best summer job ever is up for grabs!! WOW AIR is looking for a “fun pair of individuals who are able to think big” to move to Reykjavik, Iceland for the summer and travel the world for free!

The winner and his/her plus one -- will get a 3 month paid summer job where they would explore some of WOW Air’s 38 destinations and document their travels. Some of those destinations include: Barcelona, Los Angeles, Stockholm, and New York, as well as Iceland to explore. Transportation and Iceland tours are also part of the winners’ package, while additional travel and living expenses will also be paid by the airline

The winners in return would need to churn out a constant flow of Instagram posts, videos, and other content detailing food, culture, and transportation tips—basically compiling a "complete digital travel guide" for each destination.

They will also receive a monthly stipend of $4,000 per month, and will share an all-expenses apartment in downtown Reykjavik, the airline’s base of operations.

The contest is open to applicants 18 years of age or older, from anywhere in the world. In order to apply, candidates must submit a two-minute clip offering travel tips for their hometown by May 14, 2018. A panel of judges will select and announce the winners via social media on May 18. The adventure will begin just two short weeks later on June 1. For more information and to apply click on the picture above! Good luck and Happy Travels!!! Cha-chiiing!

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