Just returned from a great trip to Peru!! We visited Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley and of course Machu Picchu!! My travel minute videos are up and give you tips on how to get to MP, save money while you're there and avoid altitude sickness!

Although the bookends of the trip were not the greatest -- (15 hour delay going to Peru and I'm still waiting for my refund from LATAM airlines and then my husband got sick at the end of the trip :( -- Peru is a country I recommend traveling to - not only for its archeological wonders but also for its food -- its DELICIOUS because of the fusion of cultures that make up the country!

Hotels were pretty inexpensive and comfortable, transportation is readily available and easy to navigate and the people are super friendly. What else can you ask for? The only con I found was hoe expensive it is to get to and from Machu Picchu -- the cost is a bummer but its well worth it in the end. I'd like to return to visit other parts of the country that I did not get to experience!

Total costs:

Train to MP - $186 r/t pp

Entrance into MP: $74.20 pp

Taxis to/from Urubamba :$60r/t

Taxi to/from Lima Airport : $40 r/t

Miscellaneous (food gifts etc) :$250 pp

Grand total pp: around $1700 for 10 nights

PS -- You could just pay a tour company like Friendly Planet, Smartours or Gate 1 and just do their itinerary if its easier. Keep in mind that this trip is more relaxed if you do it on your own though - the escorted ones might be too rush rush and you could get sick from the altitude if you don't take it easy..

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