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Orlando, Florida

In September of 2016 we headed to Orlando to celebrate my father-in-law's 70th birthday at Disney World- yep he still loves Disney and although he's been there a ton of times -- that's where he wanted to celebrate!

Since Disney can be so expensive -- My husband and I decided to stay at a Best Western across from Universal which was soooo inexpensive and nice to stay at. You can check out my tripadivsor review! We rented a car and were able to sight see for the first 4 nights of our trip! PS -- we had dinner one night at a place called TU TU Tango - GREAT FOOD!!

Then we met up with family and stayed at the Coronado Springs inside Disney for the next 3 nights. By the way, Disney does have specials that include hotel, tickets & a meal plan. I have to tell you that we paid more at the Disney hotel stay than for the whole rest of the trip - flights & Best Western hotel included -- We also had to be on the meal plan which also can inflate the price! I guess if you are going to utilize the resort a lot - then you get your money's worth. We didn't use the resort's amenities since everything was scheduled for us - - lunch, dinner, activities, etc -- so I didn't think the hotel stay was worth the price. Nevertheless - we still had a great time with family which was the most important! If I had to do that trip all over again - I would try to convince the entire family to save thousands and stick with the Best Western as our main hotel for the ENTIRE trip!

Total Trip Cost: $1800

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