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Memphis, Tennessee

Finally my childhood dream of seeing Graceland came to fruition! It was a quick 3 night trip in 2011 that I booked for about $200r/t from NYC to Memphis on United (Continental Airlines at the time)!!

I booked a room on hotwire for about $50/nt and it was within walking distance of most of what we did! If you don't mind walking - the hotel was a great deal! It even had a shuttle to Beale Street BUT to be honest I would have preferred a hotel a few blocks closer to the action!

We started off our vacay on Beale Street -- checking out all of the interesting places they have to offer! Then we ate like pigs at Rendevouz -- we had to roll ourselves out of there and back to the hotel. That 10 block walk came in handy b/c it helped us with digestion!

Next day we went to my shangri la -- Elvis' home and it was just like I imagined -- frozen in time! I wanted to see more of the home but unfortunately a lot of it is off limits -- but the first floor and an annex are open to the public in addition to the Lisa Marie (private plane) and a museum with lots of his items. I got tickets at a discounted rate on travelzoo and that saved us some $$ and pretty much that entire day was devoted to Elvis.

Next day we went to the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel, saw Sun Studios & watched the Ducks at the Peabody Hotel . Every day we ate something fried - pickles, strawberries -- you name it - & if it can be fried -- we ate it and it was DELICIOUS!

On our last day before our flight -- we took the bus to the Memphis zoo and enjoyed the animals there. It was a really nice short and sweet trip that I'd recommend even to non-Elvis fans like my husband who by the end of the trip was a fan of TCB (Elvis fans know what this is)!!

Total Cost: $1000

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