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Guatemala, Belize, Mexico & New Orleans

We visited these countries on a cruise that was round trip out of New Orleans back in 2010. We were lucky enough to be in town when the Saints took home the Superbowl championship that year. New Orleans was fun to revisit -- I had been there before and it was my husband's first time! We met up with friends, ate, watched a parade, got beads in the French Quarter, hung out on Bourbon Street - you know -- the regular touristy stuff and we had a ball!

Fortunately the dock was within walking distance of all of that and we got our fill of Mardi Gras before and after the sailing!! We sailed on the Norwegian Spirit for 8 days and the cruise was alright -- we ziplined for the first time ever in Belize - which was soo much fun and went helmet diving in Cozumel -- those were the major highlights!. The other stops were kind of least they were for us! Since we didn't break the bank with the trip -- the experience was definitely worthwhile!

Total Cost: around 2k for an almost 2 week vacation! Cruise was around $500pp and flights were $250pp...

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