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Greece, Italy, Malta, Croatia & Turkey

This was my honeymoon! We spent nearly a month exploring several countries that are on the Mediterranean Sea. We flew from NYC and landed in Rome where we stayed at a B&B in the city center that was rustic & delightful. We were within walking distance of the Colisseum, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish steps, etc. For about four days we toured the ancient city and then made our way to Civitavecchia to get on our first cruise -- the Costa Concordia (yep that one! -- it was a very pretty ship) The highlights for us were Sicily, Malta & Barcelona, Spain. We loved Barcelona so much that we've been back there twice since we took this cruise. The other ports -- Palma de Mallorca, Savona and Tunisia were one time visits for us. We just weren't impressed with them.

When we got back from that 7 night cruise we walked on over and embarked on a 12 day cruise from the same port on the Star Princess -- another beautiful ship with fantastic food!

It was a heavy Greece itinerary which we loved and the Non Greece stops included Dubrovnik Croatia, Kusadi Turkey, Naples Italy and Venice -- where we disembarked and then headed home! It was a remarkable honeymoon and we were lucky to not only get almost a month off to enjoy it -- we were also able to use miles and not pay for airfare!

Total cost: About $4500 for cruises, hotels & extras!

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