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Get Paid to Live Inside the Mall of America

That's no typo my friends! To celebrate its 25th anniversary - Minnesota's Mall of America is looking for one lucky person to serve as its writer-in-residence! (cue angelic clouds opening music)

This shopper's dream job includes spending five days in the Mall while writing his/her impression of it. They'll receive a $400 gift card to use at the mall's on-site dining options & they get to stay every night at the mall's attached hotel for the duration of the gig. They'll also receive a "generous honorarium" for the "sweat and tears they'll put into their prose!

According to mall's website, there are 50 restaurants, an aquarium, a Nickelodeon theme park, and a massive LEGO store. That's a lot to cover, even when you have five days to take it all in. The mall estimates it would take 86 hours for someone to visit every single store if they only spend 10 minutes or less in each one and that doesn't include any kind of sleep either! Interested applicants can apply now through March 10 at Happy travels & shopping!!

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