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Virgin Islands Will Pay You $300!

The islands of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas -- are celebrating their 100th anniversary of becoming American territories in 2017. To help them celebrate -- they are giving potential travelers $300 to spend once you get there! Cha- ching!!

As part of the USVI Centennial Commemoration, people who book a three-day trip through using the promotional code “CP1” will receive $300 in spending credits to use during their travels. The catch is that visitors have to experience more than just the beach chairs at their hotel. The credits must be used to actually explore the island, which could mean visiting an art museum, taking a food tour, spending the afternoon in a botanical garden, booking an eco-adventure, etc.

There will be designated places accepting the $300 spending credits in lieu of cash. You’ll also need to stay at one of the participating hotels. As an added bonus, travelers visiting in March will receive a commemorative “centennial” souvenir.

A 3-night minimum stay is required and you’ll also need to book your trip by October 1, 2017 for travel between January 2 and December 31, 2017, which leaves most of the year wide open. Plus -- don't forget for US travelers -- no passport is required!! For more information click on the photo above!!

Happy Travels!!

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