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Stay in a Recycled Bus!

I've seen old U.S. buses used across the world as party buses but in China's city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, old Chinese buses are being transformed into hotel rooms for just $43 per night at the Tai Tai Mountain Park! Although I couldn't find a direct booking link online after I spent hours scouring the internet, I'm sure if you use a travel agent - he or she should be able to secure a booking.

Just so you know Mount Tai is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is also considered to be the most sacred Taoist mountain in China. The fact that many ancient Chinese emperors visited Mount Tai to perform mountain ceremonies also means it is one of the most historically and culturally significant peaks in China.There are many temples on and around the mountain and visitors can hike to the top of take a chairlift. With 3,000 years of history and amazing views, this is one attraction that should be on your Chinese bucket list. Plus you can stay in a Hello Kitty recycled bus -- what else can you ask for!

According to online sources -- the buses are going like hotcakes! So book early if you would like to stay in one! Each bus hotel has its own theme like Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty and cartoon murals adorn the exteriors, while bright bedspreads, novelty dishware and big stuffed animals help bring the insides to life. According to Guolin Han, president of the Tai Tai Mountain Park, "the abandoned buses are cheap to buy and is a great reuse of waste." He also said they spent more than $9,000 to transform each bus with more on the way targeting couples and families! .They plan to convert 200 vehicles by July 1st.

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