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Beer + Travel = Job!!

This isn't so much a travel deal but a travel job!!! The Smithsonian is hiring a beer historian.The gig, which will pay $64,650 a year and includes benefits, is a new role for the Museum of American History. . Funded by the Brewers Association, the position will last for three years and seeks someone who’s interested in “research, documentation and collecting American brewing history. Since the museum has long collected information on food history -- the beer historian will work with staff members to develop collections on the burgeoning craft beer movement. The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree in American business, food, culture or a similar history specialization,. He or she should also have “proven experience” in research and oral history interviews, as well as writing for scholarly audiences. Additionally, applicants should be open to traveling for work.If you’re a beer fan who thinks you might have the hops -- oops I mean chops for the job, check out the official job posting by clicking on the photo above. Applications are due on August 10. Cheers!

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