• Tinabeth Piña

Toronto & Niagara Falls

Updated: Dec 24, 2017

So my husband and I decided to go to Toronto & Niagara Falls for our Anniversary in October 2016! Do we drive or fly was the first question! 8 Hours on the road or 1 in a plane? Well when I used Kayak to price check - the plane tickets came out to about $150 r/t on Air Canada so we decided to fly from LaGuardia!

We spent a total of 6 days and 5 nights in Canada. We stayed at an apartment and not a hotel which saved us money! We used the Toronto City pass during our stay to also save us money on attractions -- you can watch this travel video to see which ones!

We also did a day trip to Niagara falls which I wished we had expanded into an overnight b/c there's was much more to see than just the falls -- yep I have another video coming explaining that! For the Niagara trip we used the highest ranked tour company on tripadvisor but I think you'd be alright with any company you choose or maybe better yet just rent a car and do it on your own since it was only a 1.5 hour drive away from Toronto!! All in all -- a great trip! Highlights included The Hockey Hall of Fame, Casa Loma, CN Tower and some great food!

Total Trip Cost: $1234 for hotel & flights and add another $500 for food & attractions! 

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